Our Goal is to deliver Extraordinary Experiences.

Genrated more than 300 direct jobs through the festivals and more than 200 indirect jobs, prioritizing local labor when hiring people and suppliers. With our Festival, more than 10000 young students from the public and private teaching classes participate in lectures, cultural activities, free workshops and exhibitions during the events. 


Case 1 – Festival

Location: Porto Seguro, Brazil

Brief: A Brazilian Festival to celebrate 520 years of its discovery. The fourth edition counted with artistic and cultural activities such as: workshops, sound shows, exhibitions, seminars, lectures, cooking shows, theatre presentations, indigenous, dance, choir, regional cultural groups and musical shows. A series of artistic and cultural activities were held, as the children’s “Curumim space”, with toys, kites and circus workshops and indigenous painting; children’s cinema; sound, light and musical attractions, cooking shows, exhibitions, seminars, regional and national presentations. The diverse program guarantees entertainment for all tribes. Adults, children and families, the local community and tourists are invited to experience a great celebration of Brazilian history up close. The programming grid is eclectic and completely free of any charge.


Case 2 – Mastercard Jazz Trancoso

Location: Trancoso, Brazil

Brief: To bring different schedules and activities for visitors in the hip district of Trancoso, (BA) we introduced our Jazz Festival, sponsored by MasterCard. The program began on the afternoon of Friday the 15th and continued until Sunday (17th) during the month of November. Tom Jobim’s grandson, Daniel Jobim played at the opening of the festival. The performance took place in the Trancoso’s commonly known Quadrado. After the opening ceremony, the schedule went to the forest, where a structure for the bands was set up.