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Our origin story began with a focus on the aesthetic, particularly that of photography and, over the last two decades, the scope of both our content and our expertise has widened. Today, using a myriad of observations of culture, travel, art, and other intimate, inspirational creatives, we document and anticipate vital movements in architecture, visual culture, design, travel, and contemporary art.

The Aniello Heritage narrative exists beyond the textual realm; regardless of the medium at hand, L’Artigiano Aniello wish to inform and inspire our community.

The Aniello family comes from Sant’Agnello, region of Napoli, Italy. After arriving in Brazil, Giuseppe and Filomena Aniello, started working as a blacksmith for several Brazilian jockeys and horses. His later son and grandson, Carmino and José, soon saw a business opportunity: to get to better help his father’s clients, not only to take care of their horses, but also, of their assets and the construction of their houses. During the 1940s, the third generation of the family was born, which sought professionalization and understanding of the Brazilian economic market.

40 years pass and Marcelo Aniello begins his illustrious career, becomes an award winning photographer and begins his first contact with the business world, as founder of Editora Anipress in 1994. Marcelo used his career as a reference to publish books on architecture and high standard, but it was after moving to the United States, when he started playing golf with his son, who launched the renowned American magazine, Golf Journal, also published in the Brazilian territory since 2012.

The dedication and example of the whole family that built several companies and customers served as inspiration for the company to follow a handcrafted and differential line in its publications.